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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Coastal Living Shore Thing Look for Less

One of the primary things that I enjoy in the interior design world is being capable of producing a high end look for less.  Coastal Living Magazine is one of absolute favorite publications, but it is geared toward the high end market.  I hope you find this post useful and know that you can achieve the high end look for much less.

The first set of items are three blue glass vases:

1.  Buy it:  www.twoscompany.com, $25.00 each, Set of 3 $75.00


www.carohope.etsy.com, $30.00 for set of four

The Buy it bottles are $25.00 each for a total of $75.00 for a set of three. The etsy bottles are vintage Wheaton, $30.00 for the set of four, or $7.50 each. This is an overall savings of $45.00.  What a deal for genuine Wheaton vintage bottles.  They are just as beautiful and will make a lovely display.

The second item is a Sea Urchin Teapot:

2.  Buy it: www.tiffany.com, Bone China Sea Urchin Teapot, $250.00

www.beyondjordanstudio.etsy.com, Handmade Porcelain Urchin Teapot, $98.00


Both teapots are simply gorgeous, but the Tiffany teapot in Bone China runs $250.00 and the BeyondJordanStudio handmade porcelain version, absolutely gorgeous sells for $98.00 for a difference of $152.00.  Again, a fantastic look for less.

With just these two items, you could realize a total savings of $197.00.  It is possible to get the look for less, it just requires a little research, patience and of course, the thrill of the hunt!

I am always up for a challenge, so if you have any Look for Less questions or beach interior design questions, just send me a comment and I will be more than happy to assist in any way that I can!

Happy shopping and I look forward to helping each and everyone!


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